Always talking bout what he wants and just sits on his broke ass.

It has been a long weekend, a three day weekend to be exact. I have spent this weekend analyzing my life and where I am at. If I could somehow sneak back into my 18 year old mind, I know without any hesitation this is not where I thought I would be at almost 31 years of life. Three kids, two different baby daddies, none of which are worth a damn, and several failed relationships. I am at the point in my life where I can no longer point my finger without taking a deep hard look at myself and my choices. No one got me here but me.

I just got out of a nearly two year long relationship, and I am so thankful! And even more thankful I didn’t get knocked up…. AGAIN. When I first started dating him, I willingly knew that he did not have his kid (whom her mother walked out on), made $9 an hour, lived with his mom, and didn’t even have a vehicle! YALL. What the eff was I thinking?! Mistake number 1,452,671. I remember before I met him I prayed and prayed to find a man with only one child, preferably a daughter, whose mother wasn’t in the picture so that I could raise her as my own. God gave me exactly what I thought I wanted, and I think he did that on purpose. He showed me that sometimes what we think we want isn’t necessarily what is best for us. Because of this, I am open to more, but I am also pickier with my initial selection.

Moral of the story….. I don’t want no scrub.

Time. For. Changes.



Author: souredsweet

Single mommy life on a journey at finding her happily ever after. Whatever that may be...

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